Huawei Mate S review: handheld with care

Thursday, September 24th, 2015 - News

Huawei Mate S construction and set up high quality

The Mate S will be one particular regarding the particular nicest-searching machinery we’ve ever noticed or retained. It screams “gourmet” at each and every convert. From the shiny aluminum edges, towards the framework about the actual digital camera and the fingerprint sensor, the Mate S is a gem.

AndroidPIT Huawei Mate S 6
The fingerprint sensor on the back again of Huawei Mate S is smartly positioned. / © ANDROIDPIT

A style of the Mate S impressed me whilst I initial laid eyes on it, yet the particular iron framework is basically as lovely inside the particular hand. The smoothed edges are warm to be able to maintain, the buttons are very easily reachable and the bottom-installed fingerprint sensor is within an portable reputation.

The actual sleek aluminium bottom does cook the apparatus rather slippy oddly, specifically in case a person’re not tried towards this particular kind associated with handset framework. When an individual’re additional common with cosmetic or textured machinery, accept additional care while dealing with the Mate S, or else it might become effortlessly lost. 

androidpit Huawei Mate S 16
The Mate S does appear slightly just like the particular iPhone. / © ANROIDPIT

A style of the Mate S is a cross amongst Huawei’s phablet collection, exactly the Mate 8, and it’ll smaller mobile phones, prefer the Huawei P8. It combines the actual greatest of each towards set up anything even additional aesthetically pleasing.

The backside of the Mate S is subtly curved, that is will be very clear while an individual appear in the actual best and backside of the equipment. The stereo speaker position from the particular backside of the equipment will certainly not really satisfy every person, yet here’s setup within the actual reduce housing is now practically de rigueur these kinds of days and nights (perceive the Galaxy S6OnePlus 2, iPhone 6th, and so forth).

Hawei Mate S Hero 9
The Huawei Mate S is very thin and also sophisticated. / © ANDROIDPIT

The Mate S digicam is oversized and concentrated, one more building assortment it will furious four individuals. That stated, it doesn’nited kingdom protrude such as the actual digicam on the Galaxy S6, regarding illustration, as well as a person’re fewer most likely to be able to duvet the lens unintentionally. Regardless of the mild curve on the Mate S’s backside, the handset is rather steady while lying down flat rest kitchen table, and may become operated without having difficulty.

in case a person’re searching with regard to a gourmet handset within the actual close to destiny, you ought not to from the very least think the Huawei Mate S, due to the fact I am certainly not positive if there’s one more smartphone in the particular industry which may higher it.

AndroidPIT Huawei Mate S 8
The filed reduce of the Huawei Mate S edges publish toward it’ll large-high quality shape. / © ANDROIDPIT

Huawei Mate S evaluation: handheld with care

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