Machineers V2.1 APK

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Machineers APK V2.1 for Android

Puzzle Video game by Lohika

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Superseded: October 01, 2015

The particular 1st several puzzles are usually today FREE for Android game enthusiasts. Prefer what you’ve performed? Basically unlock the relax of Tivoli Community towards remain sailing!

Welcome toward Tivoli City!
Machineers is an award-successful indie secret online game that teases your thoughts toward feel choose designers and engineers.

A person tend to be Zola, an apprentice Machineer at Hayden’s recuperate store within the actual rusty enjoyment park, Tivoli Community! Together with your current toolbox complete associated with gears, belts and electrical wires, you support out the townsfolk by repairing their insane contraptions. Every product you arrange adds you nearer towards turning into the correct Machineer, and prepares you with regard to your own following problem: the Car Workshop, wherein an individual can easily building, drive, and refine your current very own automobile.

Machineers Attack 2 (accessible NOW) takes you and Zola towards River Community, wherein a unidentified saboteur is producing problems. Could you track down the mischief-producer and assistance the individuals of River Community?

Major Functions
* Puzzles: 13 wonderful, handcrafted, and difficult secret equipment within every single attack
* five assaults prepared, 2 assaults nowadays accessible!
* Car Workshop: Input the secret sandbox of infinite probabilities toward building and establish motor vehicles and boats through your own creativeness (tricycle, tank, boat with oars, sails, and so forth.)
* Song: An atmospheric authentic soundtrack enables an individual zone into tinkering mode and makes you think proper at household inside the particular Machineers recuperate retail outlet
* Pictures: The delightful beauty of the Machineers towns and it can be heading characters is actually constructed from photos of scrap steel and appliance items in order to accomplish the distinctive automatic robot

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