It’s finally here: Google and Mattel’s View-Master VR now available for only $30

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015 - News

It’s been a strong 7 months because we figured out of Google and Mattel’s policies to launch a retooled version of their popular View-Master and it seems just like that’s finally came. Retailing for $30, the all fresh View-Master Digital Truth viewer introduces the toy towards the entire refreshing era regarding youngsters, here is period with immersive VR being the particular emphasis.

Mattel View-Master VR 2

Back you obtain too willing, Oculus Rift here’s isn’k. The View-Master VR is generally an additional long lasting edition of all those Google Cardboard headsets every person performs been providing aside for reduce here’s yr. Simply because it’s made with beauty, the headset might accept a beating and be cleaned for an additional hygienic digital truth undergo. The headset works with the majority of well-known smartphones and inside add-on to be able to reduce View-Master demo content material, there are furthermore “Experience Packs” shaped toward appear such as all those card reels from the olden days. Whilst positioned rest desk, the credit cards will show augmented fact menus via companion apps in which the wearer could then discharge total 360-level VR content material.

Mattel View-Master VR Experience Pack

Even with no the Go through Packs, the View-Master reasons premium with current Google Cardboard suitable applications/online games so there’s a great possibility you’ll constantly consist of anything toward play close to with. The actual brand new View-Master VR is available from Amazon, Focus, Walmart and additional shops for $30 alongside together with Points of interest, Wildlife, and Area Experiences packs for $13 each and every.